Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is My Protagonist Actually Me

As fiction writers, we can't help but make our protagonists at least somewhat like ourselves. After all, who do we know better than ourselves?

But how like us are they? Will they invariably react as we would under any gien circumstanc.

There is quite a bit of me in my main character, John Point. I have a number of his insecurities and beliefs. But he is not entirely me. He has done some things I would never do, both good and bad. And I have done some things he wouldn't do.

One thing, in particular, that is like me, is our need for a certain amount of privacy. Of course, I don't live "off-the-grid," as he does. I maintain this blog--although lately not as religiously as I should. I also have a FaceBook and Twitter account. He would never think of doing such a thing. But I do try to keep my face off the internet, something for which I have received a few disparaging comments.

I also maintain a mail-drop in downtown Denver, and very few know where in Denver I actually live.

So you see, some of him is me, and some of me is him. And he is partly a lot of other people I know.

And, of course, there is some of me in my antagonist, as well. It couldn't be any other way.

How much of you is in your own protagonist and antagonist creations?


  1. Hi,

    quote: "How much of you is in your own protagonist and antagonist creations?"

    Answer: quite a lot in the former I guess, because I'm a woman and they're usually heroine's, but I'm a compulsive observer of others i.e. speech, mannerisms and dress, so I hope no one comes across as too similar otherwise my heroes might be more like drag queens than hot guys! ;)

    That said, I've been told I do convincing well when inside of a heroes head. I would invite you to read 2 chaps of mine to get feedback on the heroes actions/reactions etc - just posted up on my blog (historical) - but I write romance and you'd probably turn up your toes at the thought despite input of heaving breasts and rampant bulge in breeches! ;)

    If we can't draw on life's experiences how can we sound convincing: fiction can stretch imagination only so far, and what then?


  2. Francine:

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I will check out your blog and your two chapters.

    Re: romance. I've been reading quite a bit of it of late, as my girlfriend and I are thinking of doing one. Just about to start The Wizard of Seattle, by Kay Hooper.


  3. Probably quite a bit. Alya in my fanfiction series is probably an exaggerated version of my martial arts persona. And my antags probably are my subconscious psychotic's creations. My female protag's also tend to be on the vertically challenged side...hmm...I wonder why? :P

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