Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Things of Note

Two things of note today.

First, my cousin, A. C. Ellis, has just had the first half of his short story, Lucky, read toward the end of the Beam Me Up! Podcast. It can be found at .

The second half of the story should be posted in about a week.

Second, in an October 2010 interview in Atlanta magazine, Pat Conroy talks about his new book, My Reading Life.

He wrote the book to share his experiences as a reader and to encourage reading.

In the interview, he tells of a woman showing him his own book on an e-reader. Though he has never used an e-reader and "will never read a book that way," he says, he "knows the end of an era when he sees one."


  1. The end of era. How interesting to have read that. I start again on the radio tomorrow and just about everyone in the station I met today wouldn't know the lingo from when I started in 1980. That might be two era's ago. I'm looking into Lucky

  2. *g*
    But e-readers are so convenient.
    I don;t have one yet, but I'm totally getting one..
    Still it is not the same with a printed book.. The feel of paper, the smell...are priceless.