Monday, March 7, 2011

Re-Thinking Career

First, my real name is not Charles Forgues, it is A. C. Ellis, and I have made a couple decisions concerning my career.

I can best describe what all this is about by reproducing the blog post I just finished on my A. C. Ellis blog site.

Here it is:

Okay, here's how it is.

I am re-thinking my career. Not my writing career, but my publishing career. And here's why.

As near as I can tell, traditional publishing is on its way out. That is not to say that traditional publishers will no longer exist--they will, but there will be fewer of them in the future. I can see a time, within my life, when e-books will dominate and paper books will be secondary. It's coming. I swear.

So, I will continue to write, but I will concentrate on self-publishing (that isn't as nasty a word as it was a couple years ago) and on e-books in particular.

There, I've said it. I feel better.

Now, this means that a dark mystery/suspense I have been writing for some time now, with an eye on getting it published traditionally, will be first published in e-book, and later as a paperback, both self-published. I had been promoting this new book under the pen name Charles Forgues. I had a blog under that name for the book. But I am now going to switch everything about that book to this blog (as well as everything dealing with my previously published books.) There is no longer any reason to write under a pen name.

This way, hopefully I keep most fans from both by-lines. Anyway, that.s the theory.

So, with that in mind, I hope to soon offer the first chapter of this new book, Hollow Point. I will publish no more of my book Worldmaker here. With my new concentration on self-publishing and e-books, it is too valuable as an e-book to which I hold all rights.

This also means that, when I get my e-book store attached to my web site, I will be able to charge less for my e-books than ever before. That, to me, is the key to selling e-books. An e-book should not be priced more than $1.00 U.S.

You can now purchase an e-book of one of my titles, Spaceships & Brass Knuckles, a collection of my short stories, for precisely that amount--$1.00. See my web site ( for details. Plus, I hope to eventually bundle books at a discount.

So, keep watching here for details.

Type to you soon.


I hope this is all clear. Please check out my A. C. Ellis web site ( and my A. C. Ellis blog (


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